Legally sell your beer or cider online. Ship directly from your taproom to your customers

How it works

Bevv is not a retailer or a distributor. We are a mix of logistics, compliance engine, and an e-commerce storefront specifically created to help connect with customers and reach new markets like never before.


Alcohol E-Commerce

Sell your alcoholic products and swag directly from your website.

Products and Reach

List all your products online from your dashboard and reach your consumer.

Compliance Grid

Sell online knowing that you are operating legally and compliantly.

Premium Domain Site

Get a premium URL to use as a standalone when selling through social media and elsewhere.

End-to-End Solution

Get full logistics for pick-up/delivery, label generation, reporting, and instant payment.

About us

Founded by a lawyer who owned a bar to put himself through law school and an entrepreneur that helped raise money for craft breweries before realizing that not all breweries were able to get equal distribution. Bevv was started as a way to legally disrupt the outdated three-tier system. We don’t believe that access to customers nationwide is an opportunity that should only be given to select brands. Direct-to-consumer is the future. We are excited to connect the craft community like never before by providing state-of-the-art logistics and a compliant e-commerce storefront.


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